21 August 2005

day 1--the cable car and view from above the harbor

do-dong harbor, a visitor's first steps on the island

ryan explaining the finer points of knitting, island culture, and his runaway goatee

we'll go to any lengths to drink beer in picturesque locales

not exactly the amazon, but arresting, nonetheless

angry clouds descend upon the island

meeting the other cable car

the first day witnessed our arrival just after 1pm, haggling about room prices at our pension, going on the cable car to the top of a small mountain situated nearly directly above the harbor, watching the fog and dark clouds roll in with alarming alacrity, and general acclimatization to being on the island.


Blogger Tony said...

Dave the wave,

I really like your writing style - funny, intelligent, but (unlike mine) short, effective, and to the point. Haha, even in this comment I will blatantly display how that last part is not particularly my writing style at all.

Just to clarify, the boat doesn't have a viewing platform or any area to stand on outside? Is it just not equipped with this, or is it one of those ridiculous Asian "follow the rules" kinds of things?

Also, you mentioned haggling for the rooms - I have visited Korea once before and it reminded me a bit of Japan giving me the impression very little was negotiable with something of a closed minded follow the rules kind of lifestyle/culture - is this not very true? Or maybe it is something specifically cultural about the island?


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